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Are you Certified in sewing machine service?
Yes, I am.  

What does that mean?

Well, in terms of legalities, really it means nothing.

I shadowed two mentors for about 3 years total learning the art of sewing machine service and repair. Most importantly, those three years were spent in hands-on experience on hundreds of sewing machines.  It's part art, part science, so it goes well beyond learning things in a textbook or just "knowing" how to fix a machine.  I've been servicing, fixing, and restoring machines on my own for upwards of 13 years. 


I am also factory-trained by Brother, Husqvarna-Viking, and Janome, but I am NOT an authorized service center.


What does "certified" mean?  

Well, I completed a rigorous course and tested extensively, and performed to the standard of the person offering the testing.  Certified means that he would gladly hire me to do sewing machine service and repair behind his name and reputation.

How often should I have my machine serviced?
The frequency of machine servicing depends on your use of the machine.  Here's a good guideline:
Occasional or infrequent user: once every year
Regular user (weekly): once to twice a year, especially if you start seeing a dust build up
Frequent user (4+ more days a week):  twice per year
Heavy user (nearly every day): 3 to 4 times a year as needed

What machines do you service?
We service just about every home domestic machine you can think of. Major exceptions are machines still under manufacturer warranty and we do not handle repairs or replacement of computer components (i.e. your computer screen goes blank, etc.).  We offer serger and full embroidery machine service.  We are unable to offer service for industrial/commercial or longarms at this time.  For full details, please visit our Service Page.

Where are you located?
We are located in Cumming, GA, next to Thread Bear Fabrics.

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