You won't believe the value and ease of cleaning with Bluecreeper!  It is unlike any other cleaner on the market, and 100% safe for the finsih on vintage and antique machines.

This powerful cleaner breakes down old lubricant, grease, oil, dirt, grime, and build-up, leaving your machine clean as a whitstle!  Not only that, there are no fumes, and any residue left in your machine only helps, never damages your machine.

The Sewing Doc professional service shop exclusively uses Bluecreeper as cleaner in ALL sewing machines, including antique, vintage, and modern.  Bluecreeper is used to clean the inside of machines as well as the exterior.   A little bit goes a long way! I clean an average of 20 machines a week, and it takes me about 3 months to use one bottle of Bluecreeper!


But wait, there's more!  Not only is it used for all our cleaning needs, it also loosens stubborn, rusted screws and parts!  A drop or two in trouble spots will save the day.  Handsheels that are rusted on to the shaft, gears that are stuck, levers and knobs that won't turn... any of these issues are solved with Bluecreeper and a little patience, 

Bluecreeper Lubricating CLEANER - 1 fl oz.