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Quick Fix Appointments

Designed to handle small emergencies and

keep you sewing until your service appointment

The quarantine and virus pandemic have brought new challenges for all of us, and unexpected situations.  With the increase in sewing activity and thus the demand for machine service and repair, Sewing Doc is working hard to keep your machines going.  We honor and salute all of you that are making  masks, caps, and gowns for front line workers and general citizens.


Nothing is more frustrating than interrupted sewing.  Your machine is sewing just fine, then it's not.  You change the needle, re-thread the machine, adjust the tension, try a different thread, talk nice to it, then beg and plead.  And when it doesn't respond, you contemplate throwing it out the window.  Call us instead. 

The Quick Fix option is designed to keep you sewing until your next service appointment.

It is NOT meant to replace routine machine service, and if you are sewing masks or sewing more than usual because of quarantine, YOU WILL NEED TO HAVE YOUR MACHINE SERVICED TO KEEP IT IN GOOD HEALTH.  Because there is a high demand and few technicians, we are offering this service during surge times to keep as many people sewing as possible.  

Is your machine a good fit for Quick Fix?

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​Machine Criteria:

  • Machine you are currently using or have used in very recent years

  • Known to be a working machine

  • Recently purchased, too soon to pay for full service

  • Low-end machine you feel isn't worth full service


  • thread nesting

  • skipped stitches

  • bobbin thread won't pick up

  • odd noise when sewing

  • broken needle issues

  • threads breaking

  • fabric jammed, stuck in machine

  • machine stitches, but stiches aren't locking tight

  • needle fell into machine

no   no   no   no   no   no   no   no   no   no   no   no   

​Machine Criteria:

  • Vintage or antique machine that needs work (call us about this one first)

  • Sergers, embroidery machines, industrial machines


  • completely seized, will not move at all

  • only sews forward or backward, other direction not working

  • terribly neglected machines, stored for a long time in basement or attic

  • computer issues (i.e. screen goes blank

  • electrical issues (i.e. bare wires)

how it works






If your machine is still sewing okay, but you know it's struggling to keep up because it needs cleaning and oiling, continue using your machine if you are comfortable, and make an appointment to have your machine service.  With our Full Service Appointment system, set about 3 weeks out, you'll have your machine back in just a few days.

If you you cannot continue to sew on your machine, determine if your machine fits the criteria set above.  If you are unsure, use the form at the bottom of the page or the "Let's Chat" option in the lower right side of the page, give us details on what your machine is or isn't doing, and we can tell you if the Quick Fix is the best option for you.

Make an appointment using the calendar below.  Select the day and time you'd like to visit Sewing Doc for your appointment.  Expect to wait 30-60 minutes while we make every attempt to get your machine going again.

Before your appointment, look over our sewing machine service procedure that will explain our no-contact procedures for handling your machine, etc.  Use our drive-thru, located on the right side of the building, and let us know you have a Quick Fix appointment.

You will sign a form giving us permission to diagnose and attempt to fix your machine, and your $29 fee is due at this time.  We accept credit/debit cards; we will accept cash but prefer not to.  We will assign you a parking space to wait while we work on your machine.

Depending on your machine's issues, we will proceed in one of the following ways:

  • If your machine leaves in working order, we'll suggest that you have it serviced using our full service appointment system.  When you schedule full service within 6 months of your Quick Fix date, we'll apply the $29 fee toward your full service fee.  We will make sure you know of the issues and how to correct them if they are user error or a simple fix to your machine.


  • If we are unable to have your machine sewing properly with the Quick Fix, we'll suggest that you leave your machine and it'll go in line in the service queue.  We'll also give you details on the issues needed with the machine, an estimate, and any other pertinent information.  The $29 fee will be applied toward your full machine service.  If your machine is repairable but needs full service and/or part replacement, the $29 fee is non-refundable if you choose not to leave your machine for service.


  • If your machine is broken beyond repair, needs extensive repairs that you aren't prepared for, or the cost of repairs outweighs the value of the machine, we will refund the $29 fee to you.  For example:  Broken gears, seized machine, broken part that cannot be replaced, etc.

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