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What's your favorite part

of selling on Craigslist?

People not showing up when they say they will?

Solicitation calls that follow you around for months?

The fear of inviting strangers to your home?

Not only do we have the foot traffic, exposing your machine to hundreds of quilters and sewing enthusiasts every week, but we also have a regional reach in the entire Southeast!


Email us pictures of the machine you would like to sell.  Include details such as how long it's been since the machine has been used (if you know), any known issues or concerns, any attachments or accessories you have, or any missing parts.


Together, we will decide on an asking price.  We will research the market to offer a suggested asking price for your machine, based on demand, the condition of the machine and any extras, attachments, feet, etc.  You, the seller, will decide the asking price and the minimum price you will accept from a potential buyer.  


Once you are ready to sell, bring the machine in for service.  We offer a reduced service price for machines that will be sold.  Once the machine is serviced, we will sell the machine with a 6-month labor warranty that will be effective the day the machine is sold. Once the machine is sold, Sewing Doc will retain a consignment fee of 25% of the actual selling price.

*We do not require machine service, but please note that serviced and warrantied machines have a much higher selling success rate.

We will attempt to sell your machine for 4 months.  After 4 months, the owner will need to pick up the machine, or pay a $25 fee for the next 4 months.  Machines that aren't picked up will become the property of Sewing Doc.



We handle the entire sale for you.  We display the machine in our shop and allow customers to test sew.  We list the machine on Craigslist, local sales sites, Facebook, Instagram, and on our website.  We usually have a list of customers looking for machines as well.  Coming soon, we will have a classified service page to sell sewing machines.

Because we will agree on a starting asking price, and the lowest amount you'll accept when a customer makes an offer, you can just sit back and relax. Customers will talk to an expert about the machine, and you won't have to invite strangers into your lives.

Once your machine is sold, you will be notified of the sale.  We will arrange to close out your sale with sales funds paid to you, minus the consignment fee.  The buyer will be responsible for transaction fees and sales tax.

Consignment FAQs

What machines do you sell?
Any and all machines.  Old, new, mechanical, computerized, modern, antique, cute, ugly... we sell them all.  Due to limited space, we only allow a limited number of modern machines, as they do not sell as fast.

How long does it take?
There is no magic estimate for this.  Some machines have sold within hours, some have taken a year.  

What if the machine doesn't sell or I change my mind?
You can change your mind up to the point of it being sold.  However, if the machine has been sold to a customer and is on hold waiting for pickup, you must follow through with the sale.  If the buyer doesn't pay for and pick up the machine within 24 business hours of the promise, you are welcome to take your machine without completing the transaction.


If the machine is not sold at the end of the contract, the Seller will need to pick up the machine.  If the machine is not picked up within 14 days of notification, it will be donated to to charity or sold with the proceeds going to charity.

What if the machine is sold to someone you know?
If you list the machine with me, but sell it to a friend or on your own, there is no fee for the first 30 days.  After the 30 days, you will need to pay half of the commission fee based on the asking price at that time. The purpose of the consignment fee is to compensate for my time and efforts in selling your machine (listing the sale, test sewing with customers, etc.).

When do I pay for the machine service?
The machine service needs to be paid once the service is complete and the machine is ready to be listed.  The service gives me a chance to know the machine, to fix any issues, and to confidently sell your machine to a potential buyer as a quality machine. 

When do I pay for the consignment fee?
The consignment fee is deducted from the sales funds once the sale is complete.

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