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After 14 years in business, I closed my professional service shop so I could focus solely on teaching all of my service, repair, restoration, and troubleshooting skills to those that would like to care for their own machines and for those that want to build their own business.

You can find more about the Sewing Doc Academy here.

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current virtual classes & events

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Restore and revive these hard-working ladies and keep them going.  You'll learn everything about cleaning, lubricating, replacing parts, minor fixes, electrical rewiring, extensive motor service, and so much more!  You'll also find new friends equally as obsessed with vintage machines!

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Learn to SAFELY get into your machine, clean, lubricate, and make minor repairs to your modern sewing machine to keep it in optimal sewing condition and avoid routine service with the professionals!  We teach you the EXACT same methods used in our professional service shop to save you time, money, and down time.  

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This is the magic wand every sewist wished they had!  This virtual workshop will teach you to address 90% of issues that arise at the worst moments and how to correct them to keep on sewing.  Breaking threads, tension issues, birds nest, skipped stitches... it's all covered here!  And, there's human help when you need it!

Featherweight Frenzy!

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This FREE online class will walk you through every step of using your Featherweight & 301. Own it for life, and refer to it as often as you need!

Did you know that the Featherweight was the first machine designed to be maintained by the user? Yes, YOU can maintain your Featherweight,
no more trips to the service desk! Includes models 301 & 222. 

We are revamping this class to accommodate on-demand AND live virtual learning!

Get on the list now , as spaces will be lmited.

featherweight workshop



Andi is the owner of Sewing Doc and the Master Technician.  She services all makes and models and machines and is the chief instructor for Sewing Doc Academy.



Paul specializes in rewiring, motor service, and other complex aspects of vintage & antique machines.  He is also our front desk hospitality King.



Todd took to changing gears and troubleshooting complex issues right away.  He is a big help with our most difficult repairs.

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