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Guild lectures & Group visits

One of my most favorite parts of what I do is Guild Lectures and Visits!  I did 25+ lectures in 2018, and 2019 and beyond is looking equally as fun!  Below are my most popular guild lectures and events, but I am open to more ideas and always adding new topics.

What is modern?

As the founding President of the Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild, I break down what it means to be a "modern quilter" and talk about how it differs from other genres or categories of quilting.  This lecture is about an hour long, complete with comprehensive and captivating slide presentation, and concludes with a trunk show and Q&A session.  

Lecture fee is $400 plus mileage to and from, and I will donate a door prize for your Guild or group. 

Know better, sew better!

Whether you have been sewing 1 month or one lifetime, everyone leaves armed with knowledge to improve your sewing machine experience.  As a quilter AND a master service technician, I will share with you all the things your Grandmother didn't know and Google isn't telling you.  The lecture includes a slide  presentation, covering everything from easy machine maintenance, to needles and thread, and common tension issues.  

Lecture fee is $400 plus mileage. Schmetz Needle education packets are distributed to all members as a giveaway, and I will donate a free full sewing machine service as a door prize for your Guild or group, or other prize if you are not local to our shop.

Quilts That Change Lives

This is an intimate lecture that covers the impact that quilts and quilting have on lives in ways we never imagined.  History and storytelling combine to tell you my own story, and that of other quilters.  This lecture includes a captivating slide presentation, trunk show, and other interesting tidbits.

Lecture fee is $350 plus mileage to and from, and I will donate a door prize for your Guild or group. Please note that 100% of the lecture fees for this particular lecture will go toward charities and our startup efforts on various projects.

Hands-on workshops for Guilds & groups

The following workshops are great for accommodating large guilds or the smallest of bees.  They are available for local groups, but we also travel the US for your group!  Most are great for combining with the above lectures, we can tailor our lectures and workshops to suit your needs!

basic sewing machine care

This workshop perfectly compliments the "Know Better, Sew Better" lecture.  In the lecture, you will learn a number of tips and information that will help you work in harmony with your machine.  But I have found that a number of people are not familiar with how to care for their machine in between annual service appointments.  Many have never removed their machine's needle plate to remove normal lint and debris that can cause thread and tension issues.  


This workshop will help all sewists to have better running machines (applies to both modern and vintage machines) that will help extend the life of your annual service.  This class is hands-on, and participants will need to bring their primary sewing machine (and are welcome to bring a second if they wish).  A small kit will be required with this workshop.

Featherweight Workshop

This workshop is extremely popular given the resurgence in Featherweights in recent years.  The Singer 221 was the first practical portable machine, and was meant to be maintained primarily by it's user, hence it's extremely basic and sturdy components.  In this workshop, you will learn not only how to properly thread and use your Featherweight, but also how to keep it clean and lubricated properly.  You will learn the dos and don'ts of cleaning the finish of the machine, and many other things.  Each participant will be required to have a working Singer 221 or 222, as this is a hands-on workshop, and there will be a required kit for this workshop.

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