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Sewing Machine donations

Yes, we accept broken, old, sewing machines... and ones that work but you don't need anymore!  Please, please, we beg you - if you have a sewing machine in your house that you don't need anymore, DON'T send it to the dump!  Not only will they take up space in a landfill, but your old sewing machine could help change lives.

While we cannot buy sewing machines, we will happily take any and all sewing machines that you no longer want or need.  They can be dropped off anytime during shop hours (or call us for an alternative time, we'll accommodate!).  We don't have the man power to pick up individual machines, but if you have multiples, we can probably arrange some type of pickup or "meet in the middle".  If your guild would like to organize a sewing machine drive, we will certainly make arrangements to schedule a pickup day for your membership.

What will the machines be used for?  Number one, they will be used to train budding technicians in the skill of sewing machine service, repair, and restoration.  Whenever possible, we'll use these donated machines to give students and apprentices practice and knowledge.  Any machine that is repaired and functional will be sold with the proceeds going toward building our vocational school and/or the startup of our charity project.  Working machines will also be donated to a number of organizations (4-H Club, local county sewing programs, programs that teach women skills to earn their own money, etc.).

Have a machine you want to donate?  Or are you a guild that would like to organize a sewing machine clean out?  Contact us using the form below!  We are forever grateful for any and all contributions!

Please note we are located in Cumming, Georgia.

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