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External motor rewiring Workshop


Even the best-cared-for vintage machines need new wiring eventually.  This class will teach you how to rewire external motors on vintage machines, such as Singer 66, 99, Kenmore machines, Morse machines, and almost any other machine with an external motor, using the same procedures used daily in the Sewing Doc service shop!  Not only will we teach you the rewiring, but also the maintenance and care of the motor itself.

This workshop is ideal for hobbyists that want to rewire and service their own machine motors, AND for those that would like a side gig selling machines or cleaning machines for others!

You'll bring an appropriate vintage machine to rewire during the workshop, but you'll learn how to rewire all types of machines and many examples will be provided for you.  We'll cover electrical basics, electrical safety, motor cleaning, brush replacement, foot pedal care, and lead cord replacement.

Please note that his close does NOT include the Singer 201, 15-91 or any other potted motor.  There will be a separate class for those machines, as they are much more complex.

After you complete your registration, we will ask for more information about the machine you would like to bring to class to make sure it's appropriate.

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