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Easy, Reliable Service To Keep You Sewing

"I highly recommend Andi! She is extremely knowledgeable, passionate about her work, customer-centric and does a phenomenal job. My 51 year old Singer sews like it did the day I received it many years ago! Thank You!"

"I had a fantastic experience! I actually just

shared this to my sewing friends on G+ and am

about to do the same to FB. "Sewing Machine

repair: This one stood out in stark contrast to

my last experience, where they were nice, but

hard sells (not complaining, I adore my new

embroidery machine). But this time I shopped

around a bit more. I have an older Necci, which is a little harder to find help for than say a Brother. I went to Sewing Doc. I love these people. You can schedule your service online. Incredibly reasonable pricing. And they clearly love what they do. I came to pick up my machine and she could tell me every nuance of what she had touched, had a sewn sampler so I could see the stitches, 6 month labor warranty, and friendly to top it off. Plus the store itself is adorable. If I quilted, I'd be in heaven. As it was I just wanted to wander around and look at everything! For reference, my repairs were $87. Well worth it to have my machine purring again instead of groaning in misery and finally just shutting down ;)"

"Making a reservation was simple.  The directions were clear and concise. But what happened after the drop off was even better.  The service was beyond exemplary.  My machine was ready  before my scheduled appointment." 

Sewing machine service isn't fun.

But it doesn't have to be painful.

Andi doesn't just know the mechanics of your sewing machine.  She knows it from the perspective of an avid quilter.

Every aspect of our service is developed with you in mind!  Our goal is to keep your machine running in optimal condition, not to sell you something you don't need or want.

  • FREE 3-day appointments for routine service and minor repairs & adjustments

  • FREE 6-month labor warranty with all service

  • FREE inspection and diagnosis - we never charge a "bench fee" to look at your machine

  • FREE consultation if you are considering a machine purchase

  • FREE knowledge and assistance if you are having issues with your machine

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We Fix What Others Won't.

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