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Machine Restoration services

Restoring and maintaining the history of these incredible machines is very important.  In most cases, these sewing machines speak of history between generations, from great-grandparents, to grandparents, to mothers, to future generations.

Even if you don't plan to ever use your antique or vintage machine, now is the time to have it serviced and restored so that you can maintain it's integrity.

​We do not charge a bench fee for any services or to assess your machine - if we can't fix or restore the machine, or the cost outweighs the value, we will discuss this with you before we proceed.

How much does it cost?

Restoration services are not as costly as you may think.  All restoration starts at $125, and that includes full service (thorough cleaning, initial chemical clean/soak, lubricating, adjustments to timing, balance and overall stitch quality).  All machine service comes free with a 6-month labor warranty on parts we replace and all labor.  If your machine is not performing properly during this time, we will happily adjust it or repair it as needed without any additional charge.

If the machine hasn't been properly stored, there may be an additional advanced cleaning charge to remove a build of old oil or grease, surface rust, or other build up of debris, which ranges from $15 to $30.

If the machine is electrical, the wiring and all components will be checked for safety and proper function.  Most wiring in old machines need to be replaced, this cost is usually around $20-30.

If your machine is missing parts, YES, we can still find parts in most cases.  It may take awhile (months, even), but we work with a very large network of vintage machine enthusiasts, collectors, dealers, and sellers to find parts for old machines.  We will always contact you with options on your machine, so there are not hidden costs or surprises.


If your machine is a treadle, we will treat any surface rust on the leg irons, and even refresh the black coat as needed.  We do as little to each machine as possible.  If your machine is missing the base or the cabinet, let us know, as we are happy to try to find one for you.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer wood cabinet restoration at this time.

Who Are we?

Andi Barney is a quilter and highly-experienced, very passionate sewing machine service technician.  A large portion of out business focuses on antique and vintage sewing machines. Our team consists of a number of apprentices that handle various stages of machine restoration, cleaning, and service.

Why?  Mainly because this is my passion - these machines are incredible and provide a much-superior stitch quality compared to the machines of today.  Keeping these machines running is my true passion, and very rarely have I ever had to tell someone, "Sorry, this machine is dead."

But also, I'm not a dealer.  I am an authorized shop that supports a dealer, but I never will be a dealer.  A sewing machine dealer makes his or her money by selling you a new machine.  I don't want to sell you a new machine -unless you are on the market for a sturdy, vintage sewing machine!  But I do want to keep these beauties running.

As silly as it sounds, I form a bond with every machine I service.  The precision and workmanship that goes into each machine is special and unique.  It is important to me to honor the history of each machine that passes through my hands.

What Next?

Due to the current surge in demand for service, we cannot accept machines in cabinets unless you have an appointment.  However, if you have questions or would like an estimate or assessment of your machine before you do bring it in, please feel free to contact us first.  Send us a message using the contact form below, email us with pictures at, or call the shop at 470-297-5104.

If you have a treadle machine, yes, you will have to bring the entire cabinet so that we can install the leather belt.  If your machine is electric but in a cabinet, we don't always need the whole cabinet, it depends on many factors.  We recommend that you contact us first if you don't want to bring the whole cabinet.  We can assist you over the phone on how to remove the machine from the cabinet.

Where are you located?

We are located next to Thread Bear Fabrics, inside of Vector Quilts in Cumming, GA.  All machines are serviced and restored on-site.

You can find more information about our location here.

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