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THE DIRTY SECRET:  Most machines don't need repair, they just need cleaning & lubrication.

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Cleaning around your bobbin is helpful, but it's not enough!  This customer routinely cleans under her bobbin case, but had no idea that there was this much build up INSIDE her machine.  If she knew how to remove the covers and clean it, this wouldn't happen!

There's a good chance you don't take your machine in for service as often as you should.


Am I right? 


It's okay, no one here is judging you, but I see it all the time.  No one, and I mean no one, really wants to deal with the hassle and expense of having their machine serviced.  I get it - it's like a wellness checkup.  If you have your machine serviced on schedule as you should, you likely won't notice much difference when the machine comes back to you. So it almost feels like they didn't even do anything to it.


But the downside of not having your machine serviced regularly is that you are cutting its life short.  Especially with computer components.  When lint builds up on the computer boards, it becomes like insulation and heats up the board, which wears down its function. Not to mention, a dirty, dry machine just adds to your frustration at the worst possible moments - like in the middle of a project!


All that neglect leads up to one big disaster, and you end up paying even more when it has to go into the shop.  No one is happy about that.  Wouldn't it be nice to maintain your machine so that this doesn't happen?!

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If you are a DIY'er at heart and have always dreamed of cleaning and lubricating your machine yourself, removing the need to see a service professional unless something is truly wrong, than this is the class for you!  This class will eliminate the need for annual (or more frequent) trips to the dealer or service shop when basic care will keep your machine humming right along. 


This is a LIVE class, taught right here at the Sewing Doc service shop in Kennesaw.  We'll teach you to take off the covers of your machine, fully clean it, lubricate it, and run through basic care with the same procedures used daily in the Sewing Doc service shop.  You'll learn all the steps you need to take to do this frequently at home and keep your machine in optimal working condition.

But there's more!! 


I'm also going to teach you how to troubleshoot the most common issues, the exact same steps and procedures we go through to determine the issues with your machine.  Is it tension?  Is it the hook?  Is it a bobbin issue?  Is it really the timing?  This is the stuff dealers and service professionals don't want you to have!   These are real, solid issues we see with machines every day, and you having this knowledge will help you determine if you really need to see a service professional, or if it's an easy fix.  No more overpaying for these fixes!


To be clear, this is NOT A SERVICE CLASS.  We do not teach timing and other adjustments or major repairs.  This is a maintenance class to keep your machine in optimal condition and extend its life well beyond what your dealer would prefer!


Included in the class:

  • all the cleaning materials, and a supply list for your maintenance at home

  • sewing machine oil (enough to last you a lifetime)

  • notebook and sewing machine record specific to your sewing machine

  • one free 5-minute consultation good for 1 year after the class


This class is being offered at an INTRODUCTORY PRICE, never again with this class be priced so low.  If you've been waiting for this class, now's your chance!


Are you ready to take your top off?

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