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had your machine serviced

and having issues?

Thank you for choosing Sewing Doc for your machine service! 

When your machine leaves our shop, it has been fully serviced and tested to make sure it is in proper working condition.  Any remaining issues or important information is shared with you at the time of pickup, and you are given a copy of your service notes so you know exactly what we did to your machine.  

Full machine service at Sewing Doc always comes with a free 6-month labor warranty, so it's always free to bring your machine back in for us to take a look when something isn't right.  But, most issues are user error, and we'd like to save you a trip when possible!  

We encourage you to check your machine for the following issues to see if they can be resolved.  If not, please see directions below on how to proceed if you would like to bring your machine in for warranty service.

1.  NEEDLE:  When we service your machine, we include a brand new needle.  You may require a different type and size of needle specific to your project.  Please note the type of needle we installed on your machine:

Sewing machine - Schmetz Universal 80/12

Serger - Schmetz Universal 90/14 

Embroidery machine - Schmetz Embroidery 75/11

If you are sewing a knit or stretch fabric, for instance, a Universal needle will cause skipped stitches, tension issues, and stitches not forming at all. 

If you are unsure of the type and size of needle you need for your project, please refer to the Schmetz education page to help decide the type of needle you need.  They have a wonderful education section.




2.  CORRECT BOBBINS:  When we service and test sew with your machine, we double-check that the bobbin in your machine is the correct bobbin.  If your machine came in with the wrong type of bobbin, we include a note with your machine with the wrong bobbin, and note what is the proper bobbin type and we usually provide a bag with extra of the correct bobbins free of charge.  Especially if you have more than one sewing machine, it's easy to mix up the bobbins.


If you are unsure of what type of bobbin your machine uses, email us at and we can help you with your bobbins.

3.  INSERTING BOBBIN:  The bobbin must be inserted in the correct position or direction, otherwise you will have issues with forming quality stitches, or it won't sew at all.  If you are unsure of how the bobbin should be inserted, it is best to refer to the manual that came with your machine.  Some machines with top-loading bobbins have a picture reminding you of how to insert your bobbin (see left).  If you do not have a manual and you are unsure how to properly insert the bobbin, please email us at and we can help.

2.  THREAD:  We exclusively test sew with Aurifil brand thread, 50 weight, when test sewing on your machine for various reasons.  The only exceptions are Touch & Sew machines or any machines where the bobbin is wound in the machine, or some antique models that need a thicker thread.  In those machines, we use either Coats & Clark dual duty, or sometimes we'll use Guterman.  Here are some known thread issues:

Old, brittle thread will cause thread breaks and a frustrating experience.  If the thread is clearly aged (usually you can tell if it's on a wooden spool, a tiny plastic spool, or the label looks old and dated).  I know we like to recycle and use what we can, but old thread will absolutely compromise your sewing experience and the finished project.  Try a spool of new thread to see if it improves.


*The top recommended brands for standard sewing (i.e. on light and medium weight material, quilting, piecing, etc.)are:  Aurifil, Guterman, Mettler, Connecting Threads, Superior, Sulky, and Quilters Select.  PLEASE NOTE:  We DO NOT recommend threads from the bargain bin (i.e. the giant cones at the Joann's counter), as the poor quality will affect your finished product.


*If you are using Coats & Clark, keep in mind that one, it is a short staple cotton and will break or shred more easily than one of the high-quality brands mentioned above, and two, the plastic edges of the spool typically have burrs that will snag the thread in rotation, so that it causes skipped stitches, thread breaks, and other issues. 

quality thread.jpg
coats clark.jpg

If you are still having issues after trying the following suggestions please do the following:

1.  Email is at (or use the contact form below) to describe the issues you are having.  If you can send pictures of what is or isn't happening, this is a big help.  A phone call is also okay, but please note that we have receive a high volume of calls and we cannot typically help you without actually seeing the issue.

2.  If we are unable to resolve the issue remotely, we will recommend that you bring the machine back to us as part of your labor warranty.  In most cases, we can arrange an appointment time that works for you during our shop hours so that we can resolve the issues while you wait.  Email us at to arrange an appointment.


PLEASE NOTE:  When you bring your machine back to use, we prefer that you leave everything as it was when you were attempting to sew.  Leave the machine threaded with your thread on top and in the bobbin.  If you can bring the actual project where you were sewing, that is best, but at the very least, a scrap piece of the fabric you are sewing on is helpful.  It is very difficult for us to replicate the customer's issues without these items.

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