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Vintage Sewing Machine Cleaning Workshop

Vintage CLEANING Workshop Graphic.jpg

Sometimes old machines need repairs, but most of them just need proper cleaning and lubrication to get them running and stay running.  This class will teach you the same procedures used daily in the Sewing Doc service shop!

This 1-day workshop is ideal for hobbyists that want to take care of their own collection without the expense and wait of having machines serviced, AND for those that would like a side gig selling machines or cleaning machines for others!

You'll bring an appropriate vintage machine to clean during the workshop, but you'll learn how to clean and lubricate all types of machines and many examples will be provided for you.  You'll also learn:

  -Machine Identification, their value, how much they are worth
  -Removing covers to access moving parts
  -Cleaning and lubricating all types of vintage & antique machines
  -Checking for electrical issues, how to replace a lead cord
  -Cleaning the exterior of the machine and regular care
   -Different types of bobbins and how to identify them
  -Bobbin & upper tension adjustment, achieving balance
  -Where to find replacement parts
  -And so much more!

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