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We service all brands of home domestic sewing & serger machines.

We do not service industrial machines

We now require a $25 non-refundable deposit for every machine. 

This deposit will be collected on ALL machines at the time of drop-off
and will be applied to your service/repair charges.

Machine Service

Mechanical Sewing Machines

Mechanical means the machines uses gears and levers to

make the machine work

without any computerized

systems.  This includes Featherweights, all vintage and antique machines, and

modern machines that do

not have circuit boards or

computer components. 


Singer Touch & Sew or other machines that wind the bobbin inside the machine - $89

Viking 6000 series:  $180

starting at $82

PLEASE NOTE:  We reserve the right to add a chemical clean/soak charge only when necessary.  If your machine requires further labor charges or replacement parts, we will contact you for significant charges.

Electronic & Computerized Sewing Machines

starting at $99

Computerized machines

have circuit or computer

boards.  Most of these

machines have an LCD

screen, but the circuit boards

on all machines are not

always visible.  A good

way to tell if it is a

computerized machine: if

you change the stitches with

a button, it is probably

computerized. A machine

that has speed control, needle

up/down button, or a thread cutter is electronic.



Viking machines, fully computerized (Diamond, Ruby, Epic, all other series, etc.) - $125

Brother Luminiere, Innovis, Janome M7, Pfaff Expression, etc.- $125

We do not service commercial/industrial machines.


Rush Charge:  $25 added per machine
Quick Fix:  $29 per machine
Chemical Clean:  $15 - 40
External Motor Service/Rewire: $60+
Potted Motor Service/Rewire: $200

Embroidery Service, small:  $140+
Embroidery Service, large: $170+
Serger Service, mechanical:  $99
Serger Service, computerized:  $125
Restoration Service:  $125+

See below for details.

All service & repair comes with a 90-Day labor warranty.

What is a labor warranty?


Let's say you have your machine serviced.  You go home and start sewing.  You sew over a pin and your machine jams up.  Don't panic.  Call us, and we'll arrange to have your machine serviced, inspected, FOR FREE.  You only need to pay for any necessary parts and additional repair labor if necessary.  How's that for service?



Foot Pedal

Power Cord


Bobbin Case (if applicable)

Zig Zag foot (if applicable)

Arm & Hoop (embroidery)

If we do not have these items, service times may be delayed, and you may be asked to drop off forgotten items if we cannot service your machine without them.  We encourage you not to bring extra accessories unless they will be used to service and test your machine (i.e. don't bring extra feet, manuals, cams, embroidery hoops unless you need us to specifically test something with those items).

What's Included in Machine Service?

Sewing Doc provides service for all models of sewing machines. Usually a regular service will solve 90% of machine issues, and will simply help your machine run at its best. Sewing machines become full of lint, thread, dust, fuzz, and all kinds of other matter over the course of use, and can become compacted in old grease and oil. Lint and dust build up soak up your machine's lubricant, causing numerous issues, both immediately and in the long term. 

Here's a list of what's included in all machine service:

  • Clean, Oil and Lubricate

    • Delint inside and wash outside of machine

    • Oil all applicable parts and lubricate all

    • necessary gears and pulleys

    • Remove and clean tension assembly

  • Check Electrical

    • Check Light Bulb and any pattern indicator lights

    • Check and adjust foot control range

    • Check power cords and wiring for wear

    • Check motor and motor belt operation

  • Check Sewing and Feeding Mechanisms

    • Check and adjust needle bar and hook timing

    • Check and adjust pendulum timing

    • Check and adjust Feed dog and stitch length

    • Check and adjust Stitch width

    • Check and adjust bobbin case clearances

  • Sewing Test

    • Check bobbin winder and b/w stop

    • Check and adjust top tension

    • Check and adjust bobbin tension

    • Check and adjust stretch stitches

    • Check and adjust buttonhole balance

    • Stitch test a sampling of patterns where applicable

What machines do we service?

We service ALL brands, and ALL models of HOME DOMESTIC machines -

old, new, and anything in between.

We cannot service industrial or commercial at this time.

We cannot repair or replace some computer components in some modern machines - if we cannot fix it, we'll let you know immediately and suggest an authorized dealer.

We are not a sewing machine dealer.

We keep your machine running, not try to sell you a new one.

Restoration & Repair

Repairs and restoration are quoted on a case-by-case basis.  While tuning up a machine, the need for repairs do arise.  If your machine requires anything more than routine service, we will notify you immediately before proceeding.  Repairs and restoration will only happen when the customer accepts a price quote, and all costs are known up front. Restoration is often a longer-term situation.

​Restoration is not as costly as you may think!  More Info Here.

Chemical Clean +$15 to $40

Chemical cleaning is most commonly needed in vintage and antique machines that have old grease, lint, and debris built up in the machine, and sometime surface rust. 

In modern machines, if you have neglected to have your machine serviced on a routine basis, it may also need a chemical clean to remove any old lubricant or build-up.  

The cost of the chemical clean will depend on the amount of time and labor it takes to clean the machine of debris and build-up.

PLEASE NOTE:  We reserve the right to add a $15 chemical clean/soak charge only when necessary.  No other charges will be added without your explicit authorization.

Embroidery Service $140+

Combo machines are sewing machines that also do embroidery.  In most cases, the machine will function properly as an embroidery machines when it is tuned properly as a sewing machine.  We try to save you this fee as often as possible - we will service your sewing machine for the standard $99 fee, and it should embroider well.  If you are having issues during your 6-month labor warranty, let us know, and we will service your machine as an embroidery machine for an additional fee.

If your machine is embroidery only, the fee for service $140 for most smaller machines and
$170 for large embroidery machines, and includes the 90 day labor warranty.



Potted Motor Service $200

Singer 201 and Singer 15-91 machines are some of the most reliable, well-built machines.  In most cases, the motor is wonderful working condition. But the external wiring deteriorates over time and the motor needs to be rewired.  We can handle that for you!

Motor service & rewiring for either of the these machines is $200 (includes full machine service).  This includes all parts and labor necessary to have the wiring and motor in safe, working condition.

Gear Replacement $225-325

Ah, the Touch & Sew machine.  Also known as the "Touch & Throw".  Such great technology, but made during the time parts went from metal to plastic/nylon to save money.  If you are experience sudden issues with your old Singer, chances are, one of the gears has deteriorated.

We offer full gear replacement, which requires disassembly of the machine, with a high success rate.  The majority of people who choose to have the gears replaced do so because the machine is a family heirloom or of some significance.  If the machine is just a machine you used that does not have emotional attachment, it may be time to consider a new machine.

Please expect about 3 months for gear replacement.

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