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THE DIRTY SECRET: Most vintage machines don't need repair, they just need the basics.

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"I don't normally like to get my hands dirty, but this was amazing!  There's nothing more satisfying than taking a dirty machine and making it shine.  I can't wait to learn adjustments next!"  -Anne

"I was really nervous about this class because my husband is the one that fixes things.  But I feel confident and capable!" -Marsha



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Save money... or make money!

Hobbyists and future technicians start here.

This isn't a cute little "clean under the bobbin plate" class.  This is the real deal, the same procedures Andi Barney and her technicians use everyday in the Sewing Doc service shop!

Most service technicians won't tell you that most vintage and antique machines don't need major repairs or even adjustments - they just need a thorough cleaning, lubrication, and some attention.

If you just want to clean and take care of your own machines, clean and lubricate machines for others, or want to purchase machines for dollars to clean up and resell, this is the class for you!  Some of the things we'll cover:

  • Identifying different models of machines, how much they are worth

  • Removing covers, plates, screws, and parts

  • Where to find replacement parts

  • Proper cleaning and lubrication products

  • How to clean gears and all moving parts

  • Checking motor brushes and re-lubricating motor ports

  • What bobbins to use and how to identify them

  • Changing the belt, adjusting the tension

  • Adjusting bobbin tension

  • Changing a lightbult

  • Cleaning and polishing the exterior to really make it shine

  • How to replace the external lead cord

  • And so much more!

come learn with us.

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